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The causes are bacteria of some types
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The very first signs of prostatitis, which a man should definitely pay attention to and consult a urologist: Severe pain when urinating. At the end of the process, an unpleasant burning sensation is felt. Increased body temperature. Feeling of an incompletely empty bladder. Discomfort in the perineum and groin area. Insufficient jet pressure when using the toilet.
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All these are the first symptoms of acute prostatitis. After a while, they can pass by themselves. But this is not something to be happy about. The infection still remains in the body. Therefore, it must be treated in order to avoid new outbreaks of pain and complications. The first signs of prostatitis in men in a chronic form are almost identical to those of the acute phase of the disease, but they are additionally joined by: a significant decrease in the pleasure of intercourse, the so-called "blurry" orgasm, in which there is no previous acuity of sensations and complete satisfaction does not occur. Men can also notice how mucus is released from the urethra during bowel movements.
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These include: colibacillus; staphylococcus; Pseudomonas aeruginosa; chlamydia and trichomonas; bacterium mycoplasma. Prostatitis is an inflammatory change in the prostate gland and it should be understood that they arise not only under the influence of bacterial microflora. The causes of inflammation can be any factors leading to damage to the tissue of the gland and the destruction of its cells.
Obesity and a sedentary lifestyle impair blood circulation throughout the body, but especially in the pelvic area. Stagnant processes are a common cause of prostatitis. Infectious diseases. It can be both sexually transmitted diseases and infections such as tuberculosis that affect several organs Trauma to the groin area Hypothermia also becomes a common cause of inflammation of the prostate gland Various intestinal diseases that are transferred to the reproductive system (bacterial and infectious) Inflammatory processes of neighboring tissues organs.
Dysfunction of the urinary apparatus. In another way, this group of signs is called "dysuric disorders." This should also include symptoms indicating the development of an inflammatory process in the prostate. Genital disorders specific to prostatitis. Changes in the nervous system due to the main process. Feature of the disease. Regardless of the course of the disease, several main symptoms can be distinguished: body temperature from 37 to 40 degrees; body aches, chills; burning sensation in the urethra; painful sensations when urinating; general weakening of the body; sleep and psychological disorders, the likelihood of stress and depression increases; discoloration of urine; pain in the anus; erectile dysfunction, rarely impotence; premature ejaculation.
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All symptoms of prostatitis can be roughly divided into 3 large groups:
Soreness with prostatitis occurs in the following cases:
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Pain attacks with prostatitis can be long and short-term. If they do not go away for a long period, the quality of a man's life is significantly reduced. He begins to suffer from neuroses.
At the time of the onset of an erection. During urination. At the moment of intimacy. During bowel movements. After severe hypothermia. Due to excessive physical stress.
There are three stages of acute prostatitis, which are characterized by the presence of a certain clinical picture and morphological changes: Acute catarrhal prostatitis. Patients complain of frequent, often painful urination, pain in the sacrum and perineum. Acute follicular.
The pains become more intense, sometimes radiating to the anus, intensifying with bowel movements. Difficulty urinating; urine flows out in a thin stream. In some cases, urinary retention is noted. Subfebrile condition or moderate hyperthermia. Acute parenchymal prostatitis.
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